Shenzhen will intensify efforts to check the quality of imported condoms

Editor’s note: not long ago, an imported condom quality failure rate of more than 1/3 of the news in various social media between the pot. Indeed, this is related to the “life and death” event of the product have an accident, who do not worry about their own? Therefore, many netizens said: even imported condoms are not safe, then in the end what products should be used contraception? Do we just bid farewell to love you…… In fact, many domestic condom quality and effectiveness of the use of imported condoms do not lose, such as 2D2N hyaluronic acid condoms is a good choice. Recently, a number of media published AQSIQ on 2016 imported condoms supervision and sampling of the situation, causing a large number of micro-blog, WeChat and other social media forwarding. In order to deal with the public opinion, to protect the safety and effectiveness of the condom market, the Futian Bureau quickly adopted three measures to strengthen the supervision of imported condoms market. <img src= "" align= "border=" middle "0" one is to increase the safety hidden danger investigation. After investigation, the notification in paragraph 43 of the unqualified condoms, which Okamoto condom substandard batches of up to 10, accounting for 23% of the total, the national general agent in Futian District enterprises in Shenzhen wanshengtang Industrial Co. ltd.. According to this situation, Futian medical supervision department bureau quickly dispatched, the quality system of the company, personnel training, storage facilities, storage management and other projects in accordance with the norms of quality management of medical equipment management (GSP) requirements for the whole project inspection, supervision of sampling in Library varieties, a total of 6 batches, and asked the company on the problems of active rectification, cause serious investigation of unqualified products. Two is to increase the circulation of similar products sampling frequency. According to the briefing of other brands of substandard products, with annual sampling work, increase the circulation market of condom product sampling efforts, the unqualified products will be according to the supervision departments to the public consumer warning. Three is to increase the implementation of laws and regulations. Condoms are second kinds of medical devices in our country, from the production, import and circulation have the corresponding laws and regulations system. Futian Bureau will continue to urge enterprises to strictly implement the "Regulations" the supervision and administration of medical devices and the requirements of the GSP specification, improve the sense of responsibility, and constantly improve the quality system, ensure the safe and effective management of product quality.

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