Similar to Jay Chou, Japan’s best male exhibition, Guangzhou Cultural Festival

Abstract: the famous Japanese manufacturers on sex toys Hart Toy’ sHeart invited Japanese male actor Tony wood line, nickname Japan’s Jay Chou exhibition in Guangzhou Cultural Festival, will be at the exhibition site and exhibitors enthusiasm interaction. Opportunities are not to be missed!Tony wood (wood, into the second /Tony Ooki), Japanese AV male superior. Height 174CM, born in Tokyo, Japan in December 17, 1971, formerly known as Nokami Tetsu, because of the appearance similar to Jay Chou, and Mainland China and Taiwan netizens spoof.Due to the early Jay Chou and Tony wood looks similar, we tend to music Tony wood splicing film Jay Chou produced MV, part of the spoof video production well, fit the lyrics artistic conception, the network also caused a huge sensation.The spirit of Jay Chou AV male superior Tony wood pure singing “simple love” by netizensAt the beginning of his debut, Tony wood is classified as “devil bun”, but strictly speaking, he is not a “fat”, just a little muscle only, and theWith our large woodHe’s long and experienced male Youbi still have a gap. The performance characteristics of mediocrity, until the advent of cooperation with the Aino Kishi works to be everyone’s attention, 06 years of grotesque AV** worm had Tony Sen’s acting the wood fly general exercise, since many of the works, we can see Tony wood on the show and progress of heart. Heath wood after the cooperation with Namitano Yui, is an imitation of Batman: the dark knight in 2 Heath Ledger, Tony wood has challenged the Joker, on the performances of both the crazy side and a grotesque, calm cruel. 0″Tony, the big wooden micro-blogHttp://, the big wooden twitterHttps:// men and women have fun, there is a movie every day in the world, then adult products must be the most frequently seen props in movies.Passion or gentle, wild or lingering, no stage massage sticks and Tiaodan, those colorful in your brain 3D wide screen, will become a black-and-white silent film.Whether you’re intoxicated with hundreds of functional patterns, or are you interested in the postmodern design?. The kind of experience to the nature of rare wild and fascinated, now in front, at your fingertips.But in the interest of every hue activities, male masturbation set as a popular commodity, based on functional known to meet demand of high stimulation of masturbation, can exercise the durability of this feature, but also other actors who love.See you here, what are you waiting for? * * * counter attack, goddess’s magic weapon, right in front of you. black lingerie feminine

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