Small make up with you to share the ancient people is how contraception

Editor’s note: the modern way of contraception has many kinds, in addition to a wide variety of condoms, there are a variety of emergency contraceptives, so the ancient people is how to contraception? Whether it is the folk legend, or true, contraception is really ancient, rich and interesting! In the absence of condoms, people are how contraception? In general, only you can not think, no ancient people can not do the contraceptive method! Today of network Xiaobian and to share the ancient people’s contraceptive tips! There was thunder / K-drama! The ancient methods of contraception, to see which one makes you surprised? Today, and Durex, through the back, peeping under the ancients how contraception, enjoy this ancient contraception meeting great in strength and impetus! 0″ first stop: China team name: the Han Dynasty palace ladies team on behalf of contraception: what Zhao Feiyan called shenqingruyan Yan, can not swallow the sky, but can fly on the plate of Zhao Feiyan! (complain about their fat sister, to others good school!) I saw Zhao Feiyan dancing light, coming to us! She has a slender curve and a smaller figure, but a perfect example of modern women. Zhao Feiyan raised his brand, screamed “Musk belly paste” several characters, showing the method of contraception with her as the representative of the court ladies team, the legendary “belly stick”. Interpretation of contraceptive methods: The Legend of the Western Han Dynasty, Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede, the sister of musk made of “belly paste”, affixed to the navel, intended to end the woman’s pregnancy function, and then can not be pregnant. Originally Zhao Feiyan thin body is not easy to be pregnant, what is the musk, pops, no worries! The ancient method of contraception second station: China team name: Qing Qing Dynasty building women’s team: Wei Xiaobao came here on behalf of the contraceptive team, women’s team is a brothel…… Well, OK! They will fail in the case of Wei Xiaobao as the team’s representative, have Wei Alex brought Luding Gong to our story in the legend, is lost in contraceptive medicine…… Can survive under the pill, but also really are wizards. Contraceptive methods interpretation: many ancient brothel woman, will take a break in fertility medicine, also containing musk components, it is said that Wei Xiaobao is the product of drug failure. Think of prostitutes is miserable, poor life but also with this unknown things destroy our body. Third station: Ancient Egypt team name: smelly representative of ancient Egypt on behalf of the contraceptive team a couple of the team, from the mysterious ancient Egypt, ancient Egypt, people always have all kinds of ideas. Made the mummy, what disease can cure! Even contraceptive methods, than you imagine to be magical. Interpretation of the contraceptive method: it is said that the ancient Egyptians will be crocodiles, elephants and other animal feces were also used in the pill side. In fact, these animal feces seem to have a high degree of acidity, with a certain degree of killing effect. However, this kind of animal manure stinking…… The ancient Egyptian couple, but also can go to the mouth. Maybe as before will produce a conditioned reflex, and thought: “well, today we eat shit!” The ancient methods of contraception fourth stations: Medieval European name: dark adventure team team represents a female contraceptive: the Middle Ages to Europe in the middle ages, there is an extremely tough contraceptive representative team, they have a kind of trick? Love the darkness of the classmate, may think this method is cool! Methods: from twelfth Century to fifteenth Century on Europe, women will contain a small bag of mule earwax, weasel testicles, black cat bones made amulets, in sexual intercourse in the leg. – it is said that this is the way to contraception! Is it because when the man saw his spouse with such a strange object, it is not really interested in it? It’s really a big hole in the brain…… Fifth station: China team name: death unknown folk team representative: a women’s contraceptive folk “as long as not pregnant, stomach what can enter is death on behalf of the team in their contraceptive slogans, methods of contraception, will let our modern people dumbfounded, in order to contraception, life can not ah! Interpretation of contraceptive methods: according to legend, more than four thousand years ago, Chinese women, drinking tea or food into a small amount of mercury to contraception, there will be a very good effect. A large dose of Mercury will cause death, small doses of mercury can kill the fetus. – Xiao Bian think Tucao: This is not a contraceptive is clearly an abortion ah! With mercury to contraception, it is not terrible! The ancient women’s lives, but also really horrible. The ancient methods of contraception team name: first team representative: a chowhound contraceptive contraception following gluttonous walking, also from the ancient folk China, that is the chowhound team, they like nature, reflected in all aspects of life, even contraception, also want to eat out and enjoy delicious! Contraceptive methods interpretation: there is an ancient folk remedies, is the use of seven persimmon pedicle with tiles of dry, cold taking with boiling water, cooking for seven consecutive days, or a total of forty-nine! Can guarantee a year of infertility…… If this works

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