Surprised! A man with such a condom, but lead to sexual impotence

Editor’s note: condoms are now almost a prerequisite for sexual life, but always hear people say that wearing a condom after the body feel unwell or have allergies and other phenomena, so give up the use of condoms. It is clear that unless the purpose of fertility can not use condoms, other times there is no way to use condoms to use condoms is wrong, one of the greatest harm is likely to be infected with aids. In addition, if wearing condoms feel uncomfortable, then we must consider that he is not bought the wrong size, or on some raw material allergy, an understanding of their own situation to choose the appropriate condoms, that can avoid those discomfort problems. The condom is the man most personal activities, but not every man will be able to “manipulated”, the doctor said, had the patient because of inappropriate selection of condoms and sexually transmitted diseases, or loss of contraceptive intent and lead to “make a human life”. In addition, there are also people who may be impotence caused by quilt tightly laced, men really don’t be careless. leopard grain conjoined the underwear

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