The idea of sex education is frightening to children?

Editor’s note: what will you do if you let your child receive sex education in the first year of primary school? Presumably many parents will think the school “shameless” “dirty”, and even some parents would be angry to abuse the teacher. However, it is precisely because parents do not act, but also to prevent children from formal channels to receive sex education, it makes the high incidence of adolescent sexual assault. The age of the Internet, the child can understand that “people things” through a variety of ways, but there is no correct guidance but easy to lead them astray, therefore, truly protect the child’s way is not a feudal conservative, but positive to treat these problems, let the children from the aspects of cognition, to learn how to protect themselves or in when the danger to reject and resist. new products in 2016 realistic non inflatable doll pictures for photography

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