The United States held a “reward chrysanthemum contest”, the election will be made fun products

Editor’s note: in the fall, the chrysanthemum is in full bloom, and many places have begun to prepare for the annual chrysanthemum exhibition. Indeed, the riotous with colour chrysanthemum contests, really give people a vision to bring joy to enjoy, so each year around the Chrysanthemum Exhibition from the opening to the end are overcrowded. But! (knock on the blackboard) today, we, to say the chrysanthemum, is not only for ornamental chrysanthemum, this is a work can be fun, everyone has both the chrysanthemum…… “Chrysanthemum” beauty can also serve as a sport? The United States before the “Brian Sloan” sex toy company held the most beautiful private contest, this year to change the theme as “the most beautiful anal contest to find the most beautiful oath shape of ridge” chrysanthemum faction head”.

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