The United States launched a company can guarantee the climax of the female condom

Editor’s note: Liaoning, Anshan, 24 hours of fun supplies have been aroused by the local auto sales of local people. According to the owner reflects: after dark is the sales of prime time in the evening, basically no one during the day. In view of the topic of ordinary people can only do not say the idea is ingrained, even forthright northeast guys buy adult erotic or embarrassing. Empathy, even small during peaceful times went to the store to buy two boxes of condoms, sexy underwear also blush hot. white sky is very few people come, the evening sales are not small. Recently, the streets of Anshan appeared 24 hours unattended fun shop, causing many people’s attention. Recently, in Anshan City, the fourth hospital of the east wall, quietly opened up a 24 hour unattended sex shop, Adult supplies hundreds, “day night sales less customers is relatively large, many people may feel shy.” Liu said the person in charge of the spice shop. The unattended fun shop has been operating for half a year, Mr. Liu is to invest thirty thousand or forty thousand dollars from the store 24 hours do not lock the door, the store in addition to accommodate cabinets products and a slot machine, not a waiter. There is a need for customers in the machine can be put into the corresponding product payment, the machine will spit out the required products, very convenient.

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