Topic discussion: how to find a condom in her boyfriend bag

Editor’s note: the concept of more and more open, a lot of people will want a lot whenever and wherever possible, so the boys will have a bag of condoms, girls accidentally turn to condom when accidentally turn boyfriend bag, then finished, many girls will hysteria and her boyfriend, actually small that boyfriend bag of condoms do not represent what ah, maybe you want a gun but whenever and wherever possible, today Xiaobian also and many friends to talk about this topic, found her boyfriend bag how to do a condom? Is to treat it? With whom? Don’t have questions, look at the article on the ok! Today we have a chat set of condom set routines is not set here you might sniff at. I know you grew up from the table when the parents turned out more toys around the world you wore set than my passing (behind but) we 0″. Ha but we still find some thing like in his bag found how to do a condom packaging? First of all, determine not to you for the right girl you are wrong to turn his bag (not how cazui Touxing seems not how elegant IQ) open the condom? Must be placed in a hand can touch the most important position is the one hand in order to release the British designer BenPawle for the benefit of all mankind especially the disabled design can be a single hand rub can open the packaging of condoms for end wearing 20 seconds set completely not the dream girl you seen is which one? I think it can take this fluorescent condom to cover the quilt girl home with her off! My JJ is luminous so 0″ boyfriend do not want to wear a set of how to do? Their own wear! Amway is a good stuff: the female condom contraceptive effect and sex experience are good also is the natural latex general 14-17cm ring is an open segment ring is a closed section for the first time, please read the instructions carefully using a method of repeat style is probably like this before you in no invention condom condom? Long before all Luangao rotating jumping plug crocodile dung kicked belly swallow mercury later people will come up with a level of intelligence swimbladder and other animal offal is ultimately the most powerful Swordswomen in ancient China we color value What brand is high? The Dipper brand is the most beautiful old driver special condoms Da (but only for India truck drivers) long run around in the road long-distance driver is considered to be the spread of AIDS groups so the condom spread safety warning due to religious reasons India’s diverse body graffiti graffiti on the condom packaging was to blind 0″ speak so many sets of up posture? The next time that Ang boyfriend bag used condoms do not ask me to break his legs directly!

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