What are the effects of the concept of sexual health on the spice industry?

Editor’s note: from objective facts, Adult supplies there is no harm to both physical and mental health. But because of the early Adult supplies industry and is used for dragons and fishes jumbled together, improper behavior, let Adult supplies in the minds of consumers is also covered with a layer of clouds. But with the change of social ideology, people gradually began to correct understanding of these products, perhaps in the near future, like some other fun items can be traditional life necessities, but work in just ways “”. Early sex toys industry, counterfeit, illegal propaganda dragons and fishes jumbled together, and other irregularities in the whole industry image greatly reduced. Called on relevant departments to strengthen, strengthen self-discipline, to restore the image of the industry, promote the healthy development of the health industry. At that time Adult supplies market dragons and fishes jumbled together, some people even use it as a fake and yellow pronoun, which makes the whole industry development in the development stage of slow.

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