What wonderful flowers on the high speed may meet inflatable doll

Editor’s note: as we all know, the high speed of speed faster, so when driving to a very concentrated spirit, because the slightest mistake will lead to disaster. However, sometimes even if the owner is careful, but also can not stand on the high speed of all kinds of wonderful garbage ah. For example, you see the road lay a person, do you think you should do? Get off to see what, or directly ignore? So it’s really easy to distract, so call on everyone, do not litter on the highway, especially inflatable dolls. The morning of January 17th at 9:10 pm, the city traffic enforcement corps high-speed two detachment three brigade law enforcement officers to patrol the Shanghai Chengdu Expressway in Fengjie, found in front of cars in the driveway suddenly slammed on the brakes and hurry direction, almost causing a traffic accident! Law enforcement officers immediately sounding the siren alarm of the rear of the vehicle deceleration avoidance, and by a person off placed warning signs to control the scene. Funny sex vibrator

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