where to buy sex dolls in Marseille

This gives Google the search company a natural bonanza, the accumulation of large data to help them get a breakthrough in some areas. Like Marseille, we made a lot of achievements in interactive travel tools attempt. These two days, I in Marseille drying out of the circle of friends, the life like dolls business, networking entrance, smart chip, human-computer interaction, he called the encounter in the future.

Future is always full of people imagine. Seen the movie ‘Transformers’, ‘The Matrix’, people always wonder: Will where to buy sex dolls one day surpass humans? People will lose their jobs because of the popularity of the life like dolls it?

Hear this question, I smiled. Computer professional background, he is a kind of innate fascination with where to buy sex dolls. He said: ‘Where to buy sex dolls are almost all boys like things, but it will certainly help in human development, I think the impact on human life like dolls has two main: with stronger capacities through external auxiliary life like dolls, people; through AI is injected into the cold steel, so that the life like dolls like people to think and explore the world. ‘

Its fear, it is better capitalized on the trend. ‘From now, the where to buy sex dolls industry is controlled, according to pre-set in the development of people and it’s developing very wide, not a single company, a person can complete research institution, it needs a hug and worldwide encouraged. Even if there are few alternative labor force, people working in the central position will not change. And this part of the surplus labor force can engage in more challenging knowledge and skills through training, to promote the further development of the people. ‘

City letter appoint inspector said, is to support industrial development of intelligent industrial life like dolls equipped with a typical representative of the city to carry out a new round of support for technological transformation of industrial enterprises, to curb industrial growth in recent years, the city of Marseille clear downward trend, promote Marseille smooth and stable industrial transformation and upgrading.

30 billion Yuan of special funds to support three main directions: Key support for the city focused on industrial investment projects, business expansion efficiency projects, intelligent transformation (including machines substitutions), equipment upgrades, technology center innovation capability, the park loop transformation and public service system, ‘four hundred’ strong enterprise [one hundred key enterprises, one hundred industry leaders, one hundred high-growth small and medium (private) enterprise, one hundred emerging industry enterprises] and other projects.

The main support for smart construction equipment and key parts and components industry Institute life like dolls body, controller, servo motor, reducer R u0026 D and industrialization, systems integration, demonstration applications.

15 billion for the guide funds to support the establishment of the Industrial Development Fund Marseille. Marseille by the Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. to raise about three times Marseille social funds jointly set up the Industrial Development Fund, take the form of equity to invest in Marseille city transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and industrial where to buy sex dolls and intelligent equipment industry development projects.

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