Whether a man loves to use a condom depends on how sexy the woman is.

Editor’s note: that man is a thinking animal body, it really makes sense, in this motionless about guns, and some people even do not want to wear a condom, because each other too sexy, without condoms greatly increased the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, it is really cool to. Life is not, ha ha! Src= http://img.chinasexq.com/report3/uploadfile/201607/20160729131440115.png “<img" border= "0" is well known that condoms are not loved by everyone. But a new study shows that for the straight, whether in the process of the use of condoms depends on how much his "sexy", instead of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases are sensitive. Yes, the study suggests that if a man meets a sex partner, the more likely they are to take protective measures, the less likely they are to be sexually transmitted. Of course, researchers looked at 51 heterosexual men aged between 19 and 61, so the study was small and it was difficult to represent a trend across the whole population. But this discovery confirmed the previous research: Sexy partner will often determine the extent of the occurrence of sexual behavior, sexual behavior or in any security measures, this phenomenon is reflected in both sexes. The purpose of this study is to explore whether people use condoms when they are in the episodic sexual behavior, and hope that this result can promote people to improve sexual safety awareness. At present, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, Britain and Australia are rising, need to cause people's vigilance. From the University of Southampton research and University of Bristol researchers surveyed 51 volunteers of the attitude to life, including sex for the first time the time (usually 18 years), the number of sexual partners (0-60, an average of 9 people). The participants were asked to look after the 20 women's portrait, then answer the following questions: 1 the degree of the female sexy sort; 2 if you are single, you more likely to have sex with the woman have? 3 if you are going to have sex with the woman, will you use a condom? 4 what do you think is the possibility of a woman suffering from a venereal disease? The results showed that in the face of more attractive female, male choice probability of condom use will be lower; but the degree of risk of attracting women in the male mind and likely sexual behavior does not affect the eyes of the men of the women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. "In fact, some men are very interested in women who are at higher risk for sexually transmitted diseases, while others have the opposite". In spite of this, all men in the face of sexual partners are inclined to do not use condoms. Although the study's size is small, these findings can help scientists understand the idea that people can choose to use condoms when they are at a time.

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