Widespread losses? Pseudo demand? Data and research

Editor’s note: data is to determine the most reliable basis of the market, especially for new entrants to the industry is Adult supplies or investment Adult supplies plan people, data can be intuitively reflects the specific circumstances of the industry of how there is no prospect or bluntly, in the end there is no profit. Last year for the appeal of the industry data report disappointed a lot of people, and the whole industry this year listed enterprises began to taste seemingly thriving on track – after all, has been in a state of loss finally began to profit. Since October 2016, 36 krypton report released the first part, the interest Industry and many new changes – he began to gain interest, the industry has been generally losing money, counter attack? The establishment of 20 years of orange quietly cheap sell, what business model is worth seeing? Wu Shichun, a famous investor, has also entered. Will the minority interest industry become mainstream?

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