Xi’an Expo June 3rd opening booth wildly beating gongs and drums

Abstract: women have different feelings about different kinds of condoms. We collected the most mainstream Chinese, on the market to do a condom, starting from the female condom evaluation. We divided into 5 categories to understand the 24 different characteristics of the condom have what feeling, to crush those rumors straight with the truth! The first part: the ultra-thin series series of 10 sets, which Okamoto accounted for 6, it is the famous 001002003 series. The other four, including Jissbon, Durex, and the brand is the elephant. 001- white packaging. thickness: 5 star fit: 5 star safety: 3 moisture: 3 stars convenience: 5 star packaging is very convenient, open the package of good lubrication, curling very tightly rolled. There are a lot of (great self JJ) man told me that Okamoto is very small, set up. In fact, because the edge is too tight, not enough lubrication, will cause obstruction to roll down, and it is the tip of the seminal vesicle! (it doesn’t make any difference.). The female experience: when to feel a bit dry, the sense is not strong, really thin, but not what amazing feeling. 001- 0″ thickness: 5 star fit: 5 star safety: 3: 3 moisture convenience: 4 lubricating oil is much more than the white! But in contrast it will be seen, it is smaller than the size of the white packaging. Transparency is very good, very crystal. When I was in it blowing just squeeze a squeeze. It actually broke down!! Then literally a tear can be torn into pieces, this time must pay attention to this wear do not have air. Experience: the female put up only to find its magic! It’s really good Haotie, but the material in front of a 001 bit is not the same, it is the skin, all the vascular pattern all can feel very clearly. And almost did not wear almost.

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